Sec-Intel with Twitter Trends

Recently came across an interesting topic on the Splunk Blog – Visit To summarize this blog post, there is a Twitter App available for Splunk that lets you stream the Popular topics on Twitter. It collects Twitter Trends and presents a dashboard on the Splunk front end. All it requires is Splunk with Twitter App Plugin and a Twitter Account to track streams. For people without Splunk, the answer lies in customizing your Log Management Solutions to do something similar. The big question in my mind is “How would it be if we use this cool feature of Splunk to do Security Intelligence gathering and from there on, use this contextual data to perform Security Investigation and Analysis”?

Investigation in most cases is something very reactive based on what is seen in the logs or what is going on the network at a given time. Would it be possible for Investigation to be driven using Security Intelligence? In a country’s Intelligence Bureau, this is exactly what happens. Using data from the “chatter” and gauging the potential mood and the probability of a National threat. Scaling it down to an Enterprise level should be easy and very much do-able I guess. Several organizations are dependent on “public face”. One rotten apple leaking stuff from inside on some social media network would cause significant damage to the company’s reputation. This is where such Intelligence Gathering from the Internet helps. There are several implementation difficulties, but it is something worth considering on a case by case basis.

So What do you think? Is gleaning Security Intelligence from Social Media promising? What are the possible concerns regarding Privacy, Legislation, etc? Can Security Intelligence with Twitter Trends the next thing to do? Comment ON!!!


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